Sandwich panels with tongue-and-groove VR120 INCOLD

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Sandwich panels with tongue-and-groove VR120 INCOLD


INCOLD S.p.A. was founded in 1996 as a separate company and member of the Arneg group, devoted to the production of cold rooms. A specialized technical team and the knowledge of the market acquired in the sphere of the group at the world level have...

Sandwich panels with tongue and groove joint produced with an air intake one shot system, consisting of 2 laminates made of PRFV (polyester reinforced with glass fibre also known as fibreglass) between which high density PUR foam is injected. Appropriate for the realization of cold rooms at both positive and negative temperatures, processing rooms, agricultural/food areas with highly aggressive agents such as dairies, cured meat factories, seafood/fish processing, and all food products in general.

Designed to provide excellent resistance to contact, thermal insulation, a pleasing appearance, hygiene and easy assembly, perfect panel union is ensured through camlocks, which also make assembly easier.


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