Vacuum System VS 300 EFA

Vacuum System VS 300 EFA

Vacuum pump 300 cmh
Vacuum tank 100 l

For over 90 years the name of Schmid & Wezel has been synonymous with the highest level of precision, quality and partner-like collaborations. The company rests on the core pillars composed of three product areas: EFA butcher's machines, BIAX...

EFA Vacuum System for spinal cord remover and rest of fat.

  • safety swparator PS 10 for ensuring working of the vacuum
  • pump in a dry enviroment, complete with an orifice
  • for connecting to the vacuum hose pneumatic turn-cock for protecting to the pump
  • suction hose between the suction adapter and the vacuum tank, diameter 38 mm, lenght 5 m
  • spherical tap 11/4“ with manual control for starting and stopping the suction process at the adapter

Scope of Supply

  • EFA Vacuum System VS 300 (Order-No. 120003003)
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