Breaking saw, electrically operated EFA 185

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Breaking saw, electrically operated EFA 185

Motor output 2,0 HP
Voltage 3 Ph
Weight 17 kg
Protection Class IP 65
Rotational speed 1150 rpm
Depth of cut 4 inch
Ø of sawblade 12 inch

For over 90 years the name of Schmid & Wezel has been synonymous with the highest level of precision, quality and partner-like collaborations. The company rests on the core pillars composed of three product areas: EFA butcher's machines, BIAX...

Powerfull breaking swa with centrifugal power  brake and exdend gear head, for halves of Beef;

for medium and large sized plants.

  • Powerful 3ph-AC motor.
  • Totally enclosed housing.
  • Smooth high polished housing, easy to sanitize.
  • Ergonomic position of handles.
  • Patented centrifugal power brake integrated.

Scope of Supply

EFA 185/42 V, 50 Hz*

(Order-No. 110 886 312)

EFA 185/230/400 V, 50 Hz*

(Order-No. 110 886 310)

* Including sawblade (12 mm toothing) 

Further Accessories
Spring balancer, 13-17 kp (001 620 019)
Transformer, 3000 VA, 42 V (001 604 507)
Type C Medium rough toothing, Sawblade 300 mm Ø (003 006 429)
* Not included in the basic scope of supply. (Order-Nos. in brackets)
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Beverage industry plant engineering