Electromagnetic level controlled drain X-Drain

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Electromagnetic level controlled drain X-Drain

Min. / Max. temperature (°C) +1 +80
Operating pressure 0,8-16 bar
Body Aluminum, lined with a hard, abrasion-resistant coating
Weight 1,1 kg

X-DRAIN - the indispensable system in modern condensate management. The automatic electromagnetically controlled check valve, based on continuous measurements of the condensate level in the tank, opens as needed and causes a continuous discharge of condensate from the compressed air system without pressure loss.

Condensate is formed during the process of cooling compressed air below the dew point temperature.
The water vapor accumulated in the compressed air becomes saturated and begins to condense into water. Larger water droplets accumulate in the lower regions of the system, and small drops are carried by the compressed air to receivers, threatening the safety of the entire system. Condensate management is standard in modern compressed air systems.

Here are the advantages of our automatically controlled condensate drain depending on the level of condensate in the tank:

  • High system reliability
  • Maximum efficiency
  • No pressure loss
  • Resistance to all compressor oils
  • No contamination by using an additional strainer
  • Alarm in case of failure
  • Easy check functionalities
  • Low costs of installation and servicing
  • Heater available as an option
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