PCT water-oil separator

PCT water-oil separator

Capacity M3/h 3 - 15
Maximum oil absorption L 3 - 15
Entrance exit in inch 1/2 "


During the air compression process with oil-lubricated compressors, an oil-water condensate is formed, which contains 500 to 5,000 mg of oil per liter of condensate. According to the regulations in force, the oil content in the condensate discharged to sewage may not exceed 15 mg / liter. (Journal of Laws No. 116 of 10/12/91, item 503). WARNING! Any company that pollutes the natural environment, eg by discharging untreated condensate to sewage, must take into account financial penalties.

PCT condensate separator

The PCT separator in the water / oil separator area separates the oil from the condensate generated by compressed air systems. PCT provides efficient separation of oil from condensate by routing the condensate through the various separation steps.

Principles of PCT functioning

In the event that the condensate flows into the PCT, the oil is filtered off using various filter elements. The PCT condensate separator uses adsorption materials to remove excess oil. The lifetime of the first PCT filtration stage is determined by the amount of oil removed, not by the amount of condensate. The carbon element of the separator is only used for final cleaning and ensures target values ​​of <10 ppm are achieved. The professional design of PCT is extremely compact, light and at the same time maximizes ergonomic factors when carrying out routine maintenance.

Commercial benefits

  • Works with all condensate ejectors (electric, electromagnetic, mechanical).
  • Three models covering up to 15m³ / min compressor capacity offer flexibility in compressor capacity selection.
  • <10 ppm filtration
  • It separates mineral and synthetic oils

Technical benefits

  • Small footprint.
  • Light and easy element replacement.
  • Easy assembly and maintenance procedure.
  • Sample and extraction test / measurement trigger test for ppm values
  • Overfill safety indicator.
  • Possibility to connect various types of ejectors
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