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Stretch film BIOBASED STAR FILM Fabbri Group

Certified BIOBASED STAR FILM is certified “OK-biobased” by TÜV Austria
Recyclable BIOBASED STAR FILM's post-industrial recyclability: >99%.
Sustainable yet performant BIOBASED STAR FILM is the perfect sustainable solution for automatic and high-productivity wrapping, having excellent unrolling, adhesion (cling effect), cutting and sealing properties, and antistatic and high-resistance features.

BIOBASED STAR FILM achieves even better results when combined with Fabbri Group stretch packaging machines of the Elixa and Automac series.
Gruppo Fabbri

We are a leading international industrial company involved in the manufacturing and sale of machines and films for food packaging and have been present in the fresh food market for over 60 years. With approximately 500 employees, 159 patents granted...

Fabbri Group is committed to producing safe and cost-effective products, functional to adequate food preservation and committed to invest in innovations for improved and sustainable packaging solutions.

Producing best-in-class wrapping technology, with a perfect integration of machine and thin films to reduce the consumption of plastics for packaging (i.e. compared with other technologies such as flowpack, thermoforming, top-seal) Fabbri Group follows the concepts outlined in the recent EU Plastics Strategy.

Today Fabbri Group is proud to present BIOBASED STAR FILM, the stretch film derived for 36% from renewable raw materials of plant origin.

BIOBASED STAR FILM is certified "OK Biobased®" by TÜV Austria through the investigation method of the Isotope C14*: a simple, precise and scientific method that identifies exclusively the percentage of raw material of renewable and vegetable origin. Production and raw materials are compliant with all the related Laws at the European and National level, including Food Contact Regulation. Compliance with REACH and CLP ensures that no SVHC are employed.

С14 - *The method determines the percentage of Carbon deriving from renewable raw materials on the total organic Carbon (% Carbon Bio-based)

BIOBASED STAR FILM allows the Food Industry and Retail to meet the growing demand of those consumers who are increasingly sensitive to packaging and the environment.

Reducing the use of raw materials from fossil resources, while increasing those derived from renewable ones, and reducing the amount of plastics used are fundamental drivers in the Sustainability objectives of packaging related businesses.

Like standard PVC/PE stretch films, BIOBASED STAR FILM can be printed up to 10 colors with digital cliché.

In this regard, Fabbri Group offers you:

  • Best-in-class printing technology
  • In-house digital cliché production
  • High-quality print
  • Best graphic design according to the customer's needs
  • The most appealing solutions for brand development and communication with the final end user

BIOBASED STAR FILM is fully compliant with the law in force concerning materials with direct food contact.

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