Stretch film for the packaging of mushrooms FUNGUSTAR Fabbri Group

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Stretch film for the packaging of mushrooms FUNGUSTAR Fabbri Group

Max width 210-650
Min thickness 10 μм
Max thickness 14 μм
Inner reel core 76-111 mm
Max length 1800-2000 m
Gruppo Fabbri

We are a leading international industrial company involved in the manufacturing and sale of machines and films for food packaging and have been present in the fresh food market for over 60 years. With approximately 500 employees, 159 patents granted...

Fungustar is a double-layer stretch film specifically designed for the packaging of mushrooms. Its exclusive formulation enhances quality and preserves the natural freshness and colour of the product. It is a film that can be printed in 10 colours, permitting the customisation and enhancement of your product on the shelves of large-scale distribution channels. Fungustar adds to the range of double-layer stretch film produced and marketed globally by Gruppo Fabbri.


  1. Thanks to the reduced thickness and the innovative formulation of the material, the breathability of Fungustar allows for better preservation of the packaged product.
  2. The absence of condensation gives immediate visibility to the product, enhancing its quality and presentation.
  3. Allows for the film to be maintained taut around the product and ensures tear resistance even with products of irregular shape and sharp corners. Thanks to the memory effect, the packages produced retain their optimal presentation for a long time, even after various manipulations.
  4. The characteristics of the production process of the double-layer film, guaranteed by production using fully automated lines, allow for the achievement of a regular thickness and constant production, ensuring extremely high performance to high-speed packaging lines.
  5. he ideal use is with Fabbri machines present in the backstore of supermarkets and with industrial processing lines in the food industry. Possible use also with a wide range of packaging machines available on the market.
  6. The Fungustar film of Gruppo Fabbri has different formulations and thickness depending on the product it is to be used for.
  7. Fungustar is approved for food contact according to existing European regulations. REGULATORY REFERENCES: This film is suitable for contact with food in accordance with the provisions of the EU Directives 82/711/EEC, 85/572/EEC and Regulation (EC) 1935/2004, 2023/2006 and amendments, and by regulation (EU) no. 10/2011. ITALY: compliant with Ministerial Decree 21/03/1973 and subsequent updates. USA: compliant with FDA Title 21, Parts 174-184
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