Automatic double chamber vacuum machine Titaan 2-90 HENKELMAN

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Automatic double chamber vacuum machine Titaan 2-90 HENKELMAN

Chamber dimensions (L x W x H): 840 x 890 x 220 mm
Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 1061 x 242 x 1150 mm
Seal bar (L): 2x 840 mm
Pump capacity: 300 m³/h
Machine cycle: 30-50 sec

Why work with Henkelman? We are Dutch. And since the company's foundation in 1994, we specialize in vacuum packaging machines. We develop. We manufacture. And we distribute. Worldwide. Approximately 15.000 machines a year to a network of 450...

Automatic double chamber with internal conveyor belts. Two different models of external conveyor belts can be deliverded with this machine to fully optimize your operation

  • Standard with 20 program memory
  • Standard Sensor control
  • 4.7" LCD screen
  • Free options: Cut-off and Wide seal
  • Standard Soft Air
  • Multilevel access
Further Accessories
Cutting wire string
Separate sealing / trimming device designed for using vacuum machine with shrink diptanks and shrink tunnels
Gas injection Between vacuum and sealing cycles, possible to inject gas to extend shelf life, protect of sensitive products, and prevent the loss of natural color of the product
Boiling sensor Equipped with a boiling point detector because low pressure in the chamber and liquid products quickly reach their boiling point
Service kit Supplied with all models. This kit contains consumables (silicone and other seal, teflon tape, original oils) required for periodical maintenance
Flat working plates in vacuum lid - used to save time and reduce gas consumption in two-chamber packers.
- decreased in internal chamber volume
- shortening vacuum cycle
Henkelman ACS - LCD panel
- Software in 5 languages
- 20 program memory
- USB connection to upload programs
- Standard Sensor control
- Secured multi-level access
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