Steam and over
heated water boiler

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heated water boiler

Steam and over
heated water boiler

Water filtration systems are available on one frame with a steam generator:

  • Softener (activated carbon)
  • Chemical reagent dosing systems for water treatment
  • Reverse osmosis

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel

0.00 KZT

mado of stainless steel AISI 304

0.00 KZT

Overheated water boiler featuring traditional 2-pass fire tubes with straight-through dry-back furnace and a large water stock and evaporation chamber to satisfy peaks and uneven water draw.

 Construction characteristics:

  • All accessories skid-mounted on the boiler
  • Spoilers in the fire-tubes for increased yield
  • Submerged-arc welding with internal rewelding
  • Fire-tubes expanded to tubesheets with certified process
  • 1 Manhole with autoclave-type cover on the top of the shell
  • 1 Hinged door on the rear turnaround box
  • 2 bolted access panels on the front turnaround box

 Standard accessories

  • 2 reflective water-level gauges with cock
  • 1 pressure gauge Diam 150 mm with 3-way cock for benchmark gauge
  • 1 check valve to protect the water inlet line
  • Manual cut-off valves for water and drain
  • Counterflanges included in supply for all valves to simplify installation
0.00 KZT

Technical data

  • Respects European environmental directives
  • Reduces up to 80% the production of nitrogen oxides Nox
  • Large furnace for increased radiation, low thermal gradient, and uniform smoke flow
  • Large water chamber

Control panel with LCD display for Alarms:

  • Excess water hardness
  • High stack temperature

Controls the following optional accessories:

  • O2, CO2
  • Constant yield
  • Constant water level control system
  • Automatic blowdown and Salinity control
  • Water and gas flow meter
0.00 KZT

The steam accumulators are used to accumulate and short-term idle steam generator operation until the vapor pressure in the receiver will be decrease to the lower parameter.

Delsigned individually for each project with the calculation of valves, drainage system and steam accumulator volume

0.00 KZT

We propose our chimneys separately:

  • By diameter and length of the connecting chimney between the boiler and blowing tower;
  • Blowing tower for smoke exhausting
0.00 KZT
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