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Consultancy, technologies suggestion, equipment supply

Studying customer's requirements

Pre-construction stage of the project (layouts, budgeting)

Civil construction supervision

Equipment supply installation and commissioning

Design and construction of wastewater treatment systems

Working with international water treatment standards, adapting European standards to local requirements in construction and municipal requirements for wastewater drainage

Technological support after-sales service

UpgradeModernization and expansion of existing production

Production automation

Optimization of human power. Re-design of facilities with technological and equipment range provided by other suppliers

Technological supportStandardization for waste water to open sources

Physical, chemical or sludge treatment consulting

Study of incoming data of waste water, according to the requirements of local municipalities, development of a project for specific drain disposal requirements, supply of chemical products

SparpartsOriginal spare parts trading and supply

Own warehouses with spare parts

Subscriber membership warranty and post-warranty service 24/7 for all supplied equipment. Replacing old control units with the latest PLCs


Many industries use large volumes of water in their manufacturing operations. Since this water could be contaminated, it requires treatment before discharge. Determining the effects of industrial waste discharges have led to the adoption of stringent laws, which define the degree of treatment necessary to protect water quality.

Different approaches must be adopted when it comes to discharging water for industrial activities. Moreover, each company has to work within constraints such as available space, staff qualification, internal quality requirements, etc.

Because each project is as different as each client, our wide experience ensures our clients receive the ideal solution for their needs. At SITRA, we employ highly qualified and experienced personnel in water treatment plant design. In addition, we strive to provide technology leadership.

Stew canning meat, sauces and vegetable lines production

Stew canning meat, sauces and vegetable lines production

Food processing plants cold rooms construction

Food processing plants cold rooms construction