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Complete turnkey
filling solution

In cooperation with Italian companies we are as engineering company with more than 20 years experience in the bottling and canning sector, offers a single point of reference for complete bottle and can filling and docing lines in the beverage and food processing sector.

Its technical department, composed of experts with many years of experience, is able to satisfy all client requests regarding the need for complete and turnkey lines, adapting systems to suit the specific needs of the end client in terms of both space and the filling product, container and packaging.

The turnkey solutions proposed by Uni-Tech include Italian and European machines, and, depending on the product, are supplied complete with systems for

  • stretch blow moulding of PET bottles, the extrusion of HDPE bottles or depalletisation of glass bottles and cans, for the feeding of containers to the filling line;
  • the decoration of bottles or cans with different types of labels and sleevers, including safety seals and their grouping in secondary packaging such as regular slotted or wrap-around cases, heat-shrunk packs/bundles, through to final packaging and palletisation in preparation for the product’s shipping from the production site to the distributors.
  • In addition to the machines used to feed, fill, “dress” and package the container, the plant also includes water treatment systems, drink and fruit juice preparation systems and machines for the processing of filling products, ensuring they are always safe and of the highest quality, such as premix systems, saturators, pasteurisers etc.

Whatever your product or needs, at Uni-Tech you will find a team of experts always ready to listen to your requests, to guide you, advise you and best satisfy your needs.

Maximum efficiency and reliability for large-scale production.

These models are designed for production that demands maximum efficiency and reliability. Capable of producing up to 10000 containers per hour, they have the latest technological advances built in, with the aim of guaranteeing operational simplicity and high reliability in large-scale packaging manufacture processes.

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Reverse osmosis units are used for production of demineralized water without use of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. Among other things, the units are used in boiler houses, district heating plants, hospitals, dialysis centres, and laboratories, for process water in the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry, as well as in connection with humidification plants. RO units remove pyrogenics as well as bacteria and cause no wastewater problems. The units remove up to 90% of the organic substances and retain 98-99% of the salt in the water.


Storage and handling of acid and lye are avoided. The units are extremely space-saving thanks to the compact design. The plants are of high quality, need minimum maintenance, and the reliability of operation is very high.

Unit description

Flow rates for standard modules: 50 l/h - 60 m³/h. RO plants are either produced as standard modules or custom-made according to requirements. The units comprise selected components of high quality. They are automatic with electronic quality monitoring.

Custom-made plants

There are many possibilities of custom-made solutions. Nearly all parametres and components can be varied and combined. EUROWATER has great experience in producing RO pipe systems in many types of materials such as PP, PE, PVDF, and stainless steel. The foundation and frame, too, can be delivered in stainless steel.


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This is a continuous carbonation unit for the automatic production of carbonated water.

The system is based on stage of water deareation, by vacuum pump liquid ring, combined with the latest technologies of carbonation and mixing field: static and dynamic mixers guarantee high quality standards of the final product. The system processes two components, water and CO2, that are dosed by high precision flow meters, mixing it in line and, at the end, stored in a final buffer tank.

The system consists

  • Water deaeration unit under high vacuum atmosphere
  • Water dosing unit using magnetic flowmeter
  • Carbon dioxide dosing unit using mass flowmeter
  • Buffer tank for final productmonitoring
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Fillers can be produce with one or two rinser (with peroxide washing and after with ozoneted or pure water), filling and closure options.

Every gram of the product is valuable both for the consumer and the manufacturer. The weight filling machines from expensive liquids filling machines utilize load cells of the highest class. In addition the machine frame and base is designed in a manner that makes disturbances passed to the load cells negligible. For the precise control of the weight filling process we use complex software - the result of multiple modernizations over the years. All this, combined with the special patented filling valve guarantees absolute precision of filling, providing accuracy of 0.3 to 1.2 grams, depending on the product type and container volume.

  • New process control algorithm achieving considerable increase in filling speed;
  • Improved dosing accuracy amounting 0.3 to 1 gram in the filling range of 0.2 to 3.0 liters;
  • Machine design free of dead zones that hold impurities and adapted to automatic cleaning;
  • Rigid stainless frame;
  • Inclined surfaces for rapid lead-off and drying;
  • Freestanding fencing in safety glass, allowing 360° view to the machine, easy access for cleaning and maintenance for the machine and the floor under it.
  • Modular design – convenient for easy transportation and assembly;
  • Significant increase in the volume of sterile air supplied.
  • The colour touch-screen makes the dialogue between operator and machineeasy and intuitive. There is a possibility for monitoring the current status of the machine and its work parameters for longer periods of time.

The new compact machine uses the flowmetric technology for volume measurement during filling. It is intended especially for moderate size production with increased flexibility, the maximal capacity up to 20000 bph and containers ranging from 0.2 to 3.0 liters.

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Linear fillers

For filling dense products with low and medium capacity from 1200 to 6000 containers per hour. Machines are flexible for using different types of containers (plastic, glass, cans) without expensive replacement format kits.
The dispenser mechanism of a linear piston machine can be with a mechanical or pneumatic drive.

The mechanical version is very strong and reliable. In order to prevent the formation of air bubbles in the product during the filling process, the filling valve of the machine is lowered head down into the container and begins to move upward in parallel with the level of the product.

Synchronization of movement speed and filling speed is carried out using a mechanical module or servomotor. The product itself can be fed to the machine by a pump, or by overpressure in the buffer tank of the machine, giving a guarantee for accurate dosing and high speed filling process.

Rotary machines

For filling dense products, they work on the principle of volumetric and weight dosing with using vacuum.

A high level of vacuum is available especially for mayonnaise. Volumetric piston fillers are equipped with mechanical and motorized drives to adjust the height of the containers and the volume of filling.

Upon request integrated into the system of the Ultra-Clean system, which will ensure sterilization of containers, lids, caps and the filling unit itself, we offer a device for creating a sterile air flow using HEPA filters, which are not installed inside of filler, but next to machine to allow washing in the pipe-tunnel connecting the filler and the module HEPA filter to prevent condomination on the filter itself when water or cleaning detergents get on it.

As an additional function, the unit can be adapted to the automatic CIP and SIP washing systems as special sprays noozles inside the filler for collect liquid to filtration system and a recirculation pump to re-use liqiud again.

The final control of the weight and caps closing is carried out by a device that extracts containers with an error on the discharge conveyor.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Controller and control unit to choose from Allen Bradley or Siemens
  • Servo drives from global manufacturers to choose from Lenze or B&R
  • Control of discharge conveyor and feed conveyor for starting or stopping bottling
  • On / off switch, stop button for emergency


  • HEPA Filter;
  • UV lamps for caps;
  • Readiness for CIP and SIP;
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Uni-Tech contributes to packaging technology through the study of solutions that include insertion into the packaging machines and turnkey installations. The packaging machines are connected through transfer, sorting and alignment devices, thus achieving the “Interactive-Floating” characteristics of the system.

Large enough to compete on an international scale and small enough to promptly respond to client needs. The Uni-Tech packaging TEAM organises its activities around a commercial philosophy intended to create and maintain a flexible and simplified structure. A thick network of strategic contacts all over the world. The best packaging technology born from experience and professionalism.

The packaging machines are connected through transfer, sorting and alignment devices, thus achieving the “Interactive-Floating” characteristics of the system.

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EV 850-50CC automatic continuous wrapping machine (for only film and/or film +pad, up to 50/100 ppm).

Technical data

Standard Basic Equipment
  • Linear and continuous movement.
  • Wrapping without welding with film overlapping under pack.
  • Product input conveyor belt with low friction coefficient thermoplastic chains.
  • Filled lines and product availability monitoring for automatic pack preparation.
  • Bottle grouping system with double set of electronically synchronized pneumatic barriers.
  • Easy regulation of format changes.
  • Simplified maintenance operation.
  • Product visibility and accessibility during all process stages.
  • Electronically and mechanically synchronized film feeding with product.
  • Film cutting with rotating blade.
  • Electronically monitored centralized printed film option.
  • Loading station for spare reel.
  • Electronically monitored reel unwinding for constant tension on film.
  • Manually operated welding bar for film joint at reel ending.
  • Electronic system for pack formation monitoring.
  • Protection devices at wrapping bar area with polycarbonate gates.
  • Two-stage reverse motion to release bottles blocked under dragging bars.
  • PLC and operative console (alphanumeric terminal) with command operation guidance (production speed, polyethylene length, etc.) and stop messages (polyethylene reel ending, emergency stops, lack of air pressure, pack without polyethylene, etc.).
  • Right or left side command panel as per Client request.
  • Automatic placement of cardboard pad under pack on single or double lane.
  • This system is set lengthways and feeding is performed through the machine’s lower part, with ample loading capacity and simple regulation for different sizes.
  • Lifting by conveyor belts on vacuum table, with pneumatic system to avoid wrinkle formation.
  • IP 65 electric motor protection according to IEC 529 regulations.
  • Protection of other electric components not under IP 54 according to IEC 529 regulations.
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Hot glue unit with spray nozzles for pre-cut labels or rollfed labels 

  • MEGA ROLL - equipped with SAGITTA roll fed labelling station- develops traditional rollfed labelling, raising quality and flexibility standards so to meet market demands and to satisfy production requirements. Efficient, reliability and ease of use in the most different working condition and variety of materials have driven the design and the manufacturing of this new labeller
  • Labelling machine type MEGA ROLL is fully automatic and has been designed for the application of wrap-around paper and plastic pre-cut labels on cylindrical container and/or shaped.
  • Model MEGA ROLL features platforms that may be driven by pulleys with brushless motorised belts, mechanical cam, or  servo driven motors on each platform.
  • MEGA ROLL installs unique 3 axis motorised system, for the turret, for the unwinding of the film, the cut and transfer of the label. The transfer roller is vacuum type, without grippers and the cutting system with double rotating blades. The labeller has automatic phasing for the label changeover and the electronic control of film tension.


  • Coding/dating device: inkjet, laser printer
  • Label presence inspection with reject devices
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The conveyor systems are characterised by modularity and represent a solution to a number of operating issues, focusing in particular on ensuring the continuity of supply and evacuation of the operating machines. Automation is the most important stage of a production cycle insofar as it ensures the optimal connection of the various production stages, thus optimising performance.

Uni-Tech are experts in making best use of the spaces available to the client for the installation of bottling, packaging and processing lines.

This service is fulfilled by identifying the client’s technical, logistical and economic requirements, which is the starting data for an accurate engineering study.

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