Vertical conveyor systems

Vertical conveyor systems

Vertical conveyors are designed for vertical lifting of glass bottles / crates / cans at a given height.

Possible solutions:

  • The rise of containers (products) from the lower point to the upper point (from 0.5 meters to level of second floors)
  • The descent of containers (products) from the upper point to the lower point (from the second floor to the conveyor level on the first floor)
  • Raising and lowering packaging, boxes from the first floor to second etc.
  • Vertical conveyors are equipped with adjustable side guides, thanks to which they can be used for all types of bottles and cans.

Upward conveyor operating: feeding conveyer feed blocks of products to the platform (this area is in the upper position). At the platform boxes moves to the lowest position. Then the platform "folding", and the products move to roller conveyor.

At the upper position the platform placed at the horizontal position. At this position it ready to receive the next box. 
At the chain stretch unit of vertical conveyor are set closed bearings. Lubricants are embedded in the bearing, provides a operation of bearing during the operation period.

Gripper conveyor

The transporter is suitable for vertical (downward) transportation of empty or filled bottles (cans) with diameter of 20 -100 mm. Special design of gripper for transporting circuit provides a reliable grip of during its moving. 

  • Transporter consists of a frame and attached to her two transporting tracks, roller chain with scallop grippers SYSTEM PLAST. Conveyor tracks are placed on special supports. Each of them works with its own drive.
  • Conveyor is equipped with mechanism for changing the distance between two conveyor tracks. Thus the size of transported products can vary.
  • Manage of transporter is carried by console, which set the button "Start" and "Stop".
  • Conveyor is equipped with photo-sensor (optional), when triggered by the drive of the conveyor is turned off.

Trolley vertical conveyor is a welded construction, on which are mounted two chain tracks with lifting platforms. To the frame of the vertical conveyor are also mounted feed and rolling conveyors. Conveyor has the ability to reinstall the roller and feeding conveyor, thus there is a change of embodiment of the conveyor from upward to downward and conversely. 

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