Retorts for cans UNIVERSAL-A OP Panini

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Retorts for cans UNIVERSAL-A OP Panini

Trolley quantity 1-7 pcs
Type of the product Cans
Diameters of retort 1200 - 2000 mm
Lengths of retort 2000 - 8000 mm
Steam pressure max 4 bar (with 150°C)
Doors type Horizontal

Sterilization retort for canned food products, designed for minimal capital outlay. The retort processes tin cans in saturated steam (no air overpressure during holding). Flood cooling with bottom-inflow/top-outflow (with air overpressure) guarantees good cooling without needing a circulation pump. The retort has the basic kit of control valves plus a bleeder vent to guarantee maximum temperature uniformity, in accordance with US FDA retort regulations. 

Technical description

  • Direct steam heating
  • Bleeder vent guarantees temperature uniformity during sterilization
  • Flood cooling
  • Compressed air overpressure during cooling only
  • Insulated pressure shell with sheet aluminum cladding

Valve kit:

The Universal-A model is designed for a basic set of valves needed to control a saturated steam sterilization process:

1. Safety

 2. Vent x 2

3. Air

4. Steam x 2

5. Water

6. Drain



9. Bleeder vent

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