Individual design PET molds

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Individual design PET molds

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SIDE offer solutions to companies that need to achieve maximum profitability in the manufacture of PET containers, always based on a sound knowledge of the industry, of raw materials and of the ever-changing needs in terms of the use and application...

Everything starts from idea 

  • Development of basic idea, according to client needs, while preserving of all necessary characteristics of future container
  • Accounting features of blow molding equipment and technological features of PET

Perfect design

  • Development of the original design of packaging as soon as possible 
  • Computerized design office, equipped with 10-th workstations 
  • Qualified personnel with 20+ years experience
  • Analysis, knowledge and accounting behavior of PET material during forming
  • Recommendations to the Client from the economic point of view
  • Compliance with all the requirements for filling lines and other technological equipment
  • Compliance with all parameters of technical specifications (height, diameter, filling level etc.)
  • Provision of drawing and computer 3D model to visualize the future packaging design 


  • Production of the prototype as from PET and other materials for a full presentation and testing of finished packaging
  • Production of test mold
  • Control of the geometric dimensions of the mold
  • Blowing of control sample of bottles
  • Checking the level of filling, height, diameter and strength characteristics of the finished bottle;

Mould production

  • Presence at the enterprise specialized plants with a whole range of technological equipment
  • Experience in manufacturing of mold sets molds holders for all types of blow molding equipment of those manufacturers such as Side, Sidel, Sipa, Krones, Blomax, Kosme ...
  • Implementation of complex systems of water-cooled molds 
  • Use high-quality special aluminum alloys
  • Polishing of the mold surface to a mirror shine 
  • Implementation of mold with any difficult configuration 
  • Able to perform a special electrochemical treatment of molds surface, which significantly increases the corrosion resistance of aluminum and durability of molds. 
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