Homogenizers Raffaello series

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Homogenizers Raffaello series

Capacity up to 21500 lph
Installed power 2-132 kW

The new “ Raffaello Series” conceived with new modular design, guarantees high flexibility

Structural design according to MACHINE DIRECTIVES 2006/42/CE and in compliance with the European standards:

  • UNI ISO 14121:2006 Principle of the risk valutation
  • UNI EN ISO12100-1/2:2005 Machine safety

Design, construction, testing and assistance according to the Quality System ISO 9001:2008(Certificate N°:209121)


  • Duplex (SAF2205) monobloc stainless steel compression head of high mechanical and corrosion resistance.
  • Pumping pistons with patented self-aligning in special steel of high mechanical resistance, thermic treated and chromed at thickness.
  • Pumping group conic seat with stellite poppet valves
  • Homogenizing group single stage with pneumatic adjustment of pressure and homogenizing valves in stellite
  • Overpressure discharge valve
  • Transmission system with trapezoidal belts, pendular reduce and pulleys
  • Electric motor asynchronous 380/440V.50/60Hz 4 pole (kw see above table) electric fan 0,690 kW 4 pole 230/400V.
  • Pressure lubrication system with hydraulic control unit 0,5 kW 4 pole 230/400V.
  • Low noise level < 75dBa
  • Ventilated machine box, power fan kW 0,137 x 2,4 pole 230/400V.


  • Homogenizing group (double stage, proportional valve for the automatic pressure control)
  • Pumping pistons (tungsten carbide coating, integral ceramics)
  • Poppet or ball type valve groups (tungsten carbide coating, integral ceramics)
  • Homogenizing valve with different geometries depending on the type of product tungsten carbide coating, integral ceramics)
  • High-efficiency patented valve “Margherita” (stellite, tungsten carbide)
  • Electric board (Internal machine terminal box, internal machine for fixed capacity, external machine for variable capacity)
  • Inlet and outlet connections (DIN 11851, tri clamp, on special demand)
  • Internal lining with deadening material
  • 3A version
  • Aseptic version with flow system with condensate or sterilized water by microfiltration.
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