Shrink-wrapping machine 35-70 ppm EV-750-35

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Shrink-wrapping machine 35-70 ppm EV-750-35

Production capacity on single lane up to 35 packs per minute
Production capacity on double lane up to 70 packs per minute
Installed power 59 kW
Air consuption 6 bar 25 l per cycle
Input dimensions 750 x 450 mm
Maximum pack dimensions on single lane 450 x 310 x 380 mm
Maximum pack dimensions on double lane 240 x 240 x 380 mm
Maximum pack dimensions with tray 400 x 300 x 380 mm

EV-750-35 continuous shrink film wrapping machine without welding bar, with film overlapping under pack.

A machine built according to top quality standards, available in multiple versions for bottles, cans, jars, spray cans, etc, with or without a cardboard pad and either on single or double lane. 

The equipment’s reliability for high speed production and flexibility for the most diverse product types are a result of technological expertise of Tecmi technicians after years of cooperation with the market’s biggest clients. 

Technical data

Standard Basic Equipment
  • Double lane wrapping option with single reel and slitting device.
  • Text display with programming, monitoring and stop message functions.
  • Centralized printed film option.
  • Polyethylene feed synchronized electronically and mechanically with product.
  • Loading station for spare reel.
  • Electronically monitored reel unwinding with product.
  • Manually operated welding bar for film joint at reel ending.
  • Film cutting with rotating blade.
  • Electronic system for pack formation monitoring.
  • Product visibility and accessibility during all process stages.
  • Easy regulation of format changes.
  • Simplified maintenance operation.
  • Shrink tunnel with easy access to resistances and turbines.
  • Electronic monitoring of temperature.
  • Manual device for pack removal from heating zone upon power cut.

Technical Data

  • Production capacity on single lane: up to 50 pack/minute.
  • Production capacity on double lane: up to 100 pack/minute
  • Installed power: 79Kw.
  • Compressed air pressure: 6 bar.
  • Compressed air consumption: 30 l/cycle.
  • Approximate net weight: 3300 kg.
  • Maximum reel diameter: 450mm.
  • Maximum reel width: 700mm.
  • Polyethylene thickness: 60 to 90 U.
  • Input dimensions (width x height): 750x450mm.
  • Maximum pack dimensions on single lane: L:450, W:310, H:380 mm.
  • Maximum pack dimensions on double lane: L:240, W:240, H:380 mm.
  • Maximum pack dimensions with tray: L:400, W:300, H:380 mm.


  • Single lane cardboard pad dispenser.
  • Double lane cardboard pad dispenser.
  • Single and double lane cardboard pad dispenser.
  • Wrap around tray dispenser.
  • Special conveyor belts for product input and pack output.
  • Accumulation table at 90º.
  • Explosion-proof safety system for shrink tunnel.
  • Stainless steel version.

*Specifications subject to variation without prior notice.

Options Description
Maximum reel diameter 450 mm
Maximum reel width 700 mm
Polyethylene thickness 60 to 90 micron
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