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Activated carbon filters EUROWATER

Type ACH Flow rate: Up to 7.4 m³/h
Type ACM Flow rate: Up to 2.2 m³/h
Type ACTF Flow rate: Up to 100 m³/h per module

Activated carbon is a natural product made from carbon, wood, or coconuts. An activated carbon filter can remove free chlorine, chloramide, chlorine dioxide, phenols, organic solvents, and pesticides.

Carbon filtration has great capabilities in industry, breweries, waterworks, and wastewater treatment.


EUROWATER has the necessary technical experience of carbon filtration from countless installations throughout the years. We will gladly give you non-committal suggestions and quotations, e.g. as enclosure for authority applications. This is necessary if the task is to remove pesticides in drinking water.  

Plant description

The product range comprises filters of many different sizes and materials. All carbon filters can have automatic backwash. Carbon filters are also available in stainless steel with CIP (Cleaning In Place) for disinfection.

  • Type ACH has individual membrane valves with pilot control.
  • Type ACM has a synthetic valve which controls all functions during rinse.
  • Type ACTF is used by large consumers such as waterworks, dairies, and breweries.
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