Compact units CU:RO EUROWATER

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Compact units CU:RO EUROWATER

Capacity 2 to 4 m3 h

Our new series of compact units type CU:RO consists of complete reverse osmosis system together with pretreatment on the same stainless steel skid – ready for use. The concept brings you the following advantages:

  • pre-determined system with a range of standard options for pretreatment; makes purchase and design straightforward
  • factory-tested as a whole; leaving you with minimum risk of errors
  • frame mounting; makes a secure and quick installation
  • compact design with minimum footprint

The series includes 5 different sizes with standard output of demineralized water from 0.4 to 2.0 m³/h - each available with three options for pretreatment.

Proper pretreatment of the feedwater to an RO system is an essential factor for unproblematic, long-term operation. Clogging of the membranes by suspended solids, scale-forming minerals, and other impurities have to be prevented by appropriate measures. Hardness minerals can be removed in a softener, suspended solids in a mechanical filter, while free chlorine can be removed in an activated carbon filter.

You can select between the following pretreatment options:

  • 1-tank softening plant
  • 2-tank softening plant, parallel operation
  • 2-tank plant with combined filling for softening and removal of free chlorine, parallel operation

Moreover, all units are equipped with a special mechanical filter (strainer) which is reliable and easy-to-maintain. A backflow preventer to separate the unit from the public water system is also standard on all units.

Control panel SE30

A EUROWATER designed control system integrating an operator panel and a programmable logic controller PLC is accessible on the front side of the unit together with flow meters and manometers.

The control panel offers a user-friendly HMI environment. The panel has a large, illuminated display for optimum operator control and monitoring. The menu structure is standardized and available in several languages for easy and quick access to operating data and parameter settings. User-friendly keys on the panel front make interface possible without violating the IP54 protection class. 


  • Control cabinet for power supply with main switch and motor protection for RO pump
  • Conductivity measurements with temperature compensation and output signal 4-20 mA
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