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Filtration plants EUROWATER

Pressure filters for filter bag type EF/EFG Flow rate: Up to 25 m³/h per module. Pore density: From 1 µ.
Cartridge filters Flow rate: Up to 30 m³/h. Pore density: 0.2-75 µ.
Hydroanthracite filters type EFT/EFTB Flow rate: Up to 200 m³/h per module.
Pressure filters type FNS/FNSA Flow rate: Up to 8 m³/h
Sand filters Flow rate: Up to 200 m³/h.
Carbonization plants Flow rate: Up to 100 m³/h per module.

Filtration plants are used for many different purposes: Pretreatment prior to other water treatment, circulation water, water recovery, boiler water, cooling water, and wastewater.


EUROWATER’s broad product range makes the selection of innumerable filtration jobs possible - even in liquids with extreme pH values and temperatures.

Flow rates for standard plants: Up to 200 m³/h.

Filtration plants cover various plant types:

  • Pressure filters for filter bag Ideal for filtration jobs with heavy demands on flow rates and space. Used for filtration of boiler water and cooling water, circulation water in district heating plants, rinse water in the surface treatment industry and in the electronics industry, as well as for process baths, etc.
  • Сartridge filters, used for filtration of small water volumes. Typical fields of application are industrial and process water as well as cooling water and hot water systems.
  • Hydroanthracite filters, Pressure filter for multilayer filtration. Great flow velocity. Suitable for collection of mucous particles. Used for polishing of conventionally treated waste water, filtration of circulation water such as cooling water, and for filtration of water from fish breeding, etc.
  • Used for jobs where the water contains large quantities of mechanical impurities. Filling is composed according to the job in question. Innumerable fields of application within industry including water recovery and filtration of circulation water.
  • Sand filters, Pressure filter with sand filling. Used for pre-filtering prior to any other water treatment, for reduction of SDI (Silt Density Index) before RO, filtration of cutting coolants, etc.
  • Carbonization plants, and plants for special filtration projects. Pressure filter with hydrolite Ca filling. For example used for hardening of water from freshwater destiller, which it used in the marine industry to produce drinking water by evaporating sea water.


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