Membrane degasser EUROWATER

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Membrane degasser EUROWATER

Flow rate up to 40 m³/h.

Membrane Degassing Units (MDUs) provide efficient, compact and maintenance-free technology for removing carbon dioxide and oxygen from water without any chemical treatment.

In many industries where high quality water is needed - such as make-up water for boilers, power plants, pharmaceuticals - membrane degassers are becoming standard technology for removing CO2 and O2 from water.

For example, carbon dioxide removal can reduce the effects of corrosion in boilers and pipes in order to save investment, extend equipment life and reduce operating costs. The removal of these gases can also increase the efficiency of the process, for example, for the operation of the EDI system.

Main advantages for choosing membrane degassing modules:

  • Chemical independence
  • Compactness
  • Low installation costs
  • Modular design with high flexibility to ensure future potential or stringent requirements, even after initial installation.

EUROWATER offers membrane degassing modules as standard kits, and customized solutions are also possible.

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