Softening units EUROWATER

Softening units EUROWATER

Type SM/SG Flow rate: Up to 3.6 m³/h. Type SM is used for softening of cold water. Type SG is used for softening of hot water up to 85°C. Possibility of frame-mounted two-tank plants
Type SF/SFH og SFG/SFHG Flow rate: Up to 32 m³/h per unit. Electro-plated pipe system. The SFG/SFHG plants are used for softening af hot water up to 85°C
Type SMH Flow rate: Up to 26 m³/h per unit. The plants are mounted on a foundation with internal piping and wiring
Type SMP Flow rate: Up to 30 m³/h per unit. The plants are mounted on a foundation with internal piping and wiring. Pipe system with pneumatically actuated fail-safe ball valves
Type STFA Flow rate: Up to 150 m³/h per unit. The STFA plants are as standard delivered with nozzle plate which ensures optimum utilization of salt, ion exchanger, and the back wash. The plants have complete, separate regeneration unit and automatic brine maker

Through softening, the calcium and magnesium salts in the water are exchanged for sodium salts which do not cause the disadvantages of hard water. The method is used in industries and institutions for treatment of water for steam boiler plants and district heating plants, laundries, cooling towers, rinse processes, washing, dishwashing, etc.

Individual solutions

The broad program makes it possible to choose the optimum plant for the project whether the need is continuous or discontinuous water supply.

Plant design

Flow rates for standard modules: Up to 150 m³/h per unit. The plants are produced as one-tank plants and multi-tank plants as well as cold water plants and hot water plants. The filter tanks are made of steel and coated with polyethylene. Each plant is supplied with a control unit adapted to the job. The plant can either be timer controlled or meter controlled. Meter control gives the best average water quality and economy.

Frame-mounted plants ensure safe and quick installation

Several of the two-tank plants can as standard be delivered as a unit in which tanks, pipe system, and controls are built together and mounted on a frame. The concept "Plug & Play" ensures a safe and quick installation.

Hot water plants

Several of our plant series can treat hot water up to +85°C. Filtertank, nozzle system, and the 5-cycle valve are designed specially for this purpose. The construction makes the plants suitable for sanitary installations.

Brine tank - brinemaker

The brine tanks are made of breach proof polyethylene and are esy to fill and clean. The brine maker can be added to several of the plant series and is delivered as standard with the STFA plant.

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