Individual cattle stall BLASAU

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Individual cattle stall BLASAU

Width of frame 800 mm
Height of frame 1500 mm

BLASAU is a company specialized in making slaughterhouses products, cutting rooms and food industry in general. It’s a family business that was founded in 1977. At the beginning we manufactured different metal products. With a great capacity to...

Used to shut cattle into individual stalls in the slaughterhouse.

Made up of:

  • Parallel fences, with columns and plates that can be bolted onto the floor, and with horizontal metal bars.
  • 2 entrance doors for the animals, which fold on either side creating a one-way door that does not allow the animals to go back.
  • 1 door on the opposite side that allows the animals to pass through into the stunning area, which works by pushing the animal forward when the door is opened.
  •  The doors open with hinges, and are closed with a latch.

Made of hot-dip galvanised steel.


  • Drinking area between the fences.

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