Band saw SS350

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Band saw SS350

Capacity 2,5 kW
Cutting width max 300 mm
Cutting height max 340 mm
Dimensions of band 2490x16x0.5 mm
Weight 140 kg
Current type 400 V, 50 Hz 3-phase AC

Complete with a dispenser, a container for bone meal, a guide for feeding and safe cutting of semi-finished products and an electric motor brake.
The machine is made of stainless steel. 

All models are equipped with:

  • Electronic motor brake and portioner with fi ne adjustment mechanism.
  • Solenoid operated door switch.
  • Precise belt guide.
  • Quick clamping device.
  • Removable “feed - on and safe cut” guide.
  • Height adjustable blade shield.
  • Folding upwards table for cleaning.
  • Speed control (on request).
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