500 kg ice storage bin with SmartGate Ziegra

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500 kg ice storage bin with SmartGate Ziegra

Ice storage capacity: 500 kg (1.5m3)
Overflow: 14 mm ᴓ
Weight (empty): 150 kg

Ziegra Eismaschinen GmbH’ which is based near Hanover in Germany has been operating since 1957. Our extensive experience has made us one of the leading specialist companies in the world, who deal exclusively with industrial ice machines and the...

500 kg insulated ice storage bin with ice access through a sloped door located at the bottom of the bin and a smartgate to positively control ice flow into the lower area. The bin sits of four adjustable legs for a more comfortable working height.

The top of the bin can be cut to suit direct mounting of any of our small flake or nugget ice machines from 550 to 1,200kg/24h capacity.

  • Cabinet: stainless steel

  • Internal finish: Polyethylene lined
  • Insulation material: Non cfc polyurethane foam
  • Shipping dimensions: 1 piece: (1080 x 1650 x 1640mm high)
  • Shipping weight: 153 kg
  • For ice machines: ZBE/ZNE models, capacities from 550kg to 1,200kg / 24h
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