Continuous electronic Vacuum Stuffer ECV-6000

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Continuous electronic Vacuum Stuffer ECV-6000

Production 1200 portions/min max.
Portion weight from 10 to 10,000gr.
Free output production 6000 kg/h max.
Stuffing pressure 45 bar max.
Hopper capacity 250 L
Caliber 70 mm max.
Accessories included 12 mm (conical),
20 and 30mm funnels;
1 set of tools and 2 spare paddles.
Vacuum flow 21 m3/h
Total electric power 10kW
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1355 x 1355 x 1890 mm
Weight 860 kg.

The exclusive design of the rotor assembly with stuffing paddles, together with the programmed action of the vacuum, reduces waste by avoiding smearing and the formation of bubbles inside the dough, providing greater portioning precision.


  • Meat feeding system by 10-paddle rotor
  • Adjustable stuffing speed and pressure.
  • Vacuum group consisting of pump and condensation filter.
  • Folding hopper and removable rotor for easy cleaning.
  • Anti-vault breaker set.
  • Machine with a hygienic, silent and highly reliable design.
  • Prepared for connection with forming and/or portioning machines.
  • Made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Control panel with programmable microprocessor and touch panel


Options Description
Burger forming device
Mince meat portioning machine
Hydraulic meat trolleys loading device 250 l
Adaptation for twisting set.
Twisting set.
Automatic hand set.
Electric casing feeder.
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