In-line brining module | DONI®Drain/Brine

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In-line brining module | DONI®Drain/Brine

Production capacity (l/h): 30 000
Power supply (kW): 6
Length (mm): 6 250
Width (mm): 2 750
Width (mm): 3 000

The module is designed for the brining of curd in the manufacturing of cheese with grainy structure. Inhibiting action on the development of the microflora is not observed during the preliminary brining (salt content of 0.5% to 0.7%). Meanwhile the time spent in the brine baths is significantly reduced, which accelerates the brining process and reduces the quantity and the volume in the brine baths.
Thanks to DONI®Drain/Brine the practice of partial brining in the cheese vat which generates up to 60% of salty whey is avoided. The process of whey desalting is very complex. DONI®Drain/Brine consists of two draining drums, connected with a U-tube where the curd stays in brine to absorb the necessary quantity of salt. The whey is drained in the first drum and the brine is drained in the second one.
The salt concentration in the brine is maintained automatically. Before the beginning of the process it is pasteurised and cooled down to 40°С.

The module is designed for CIP cleaning.

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