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Horizontal pre-pressing vat | DONI®Pressvat

Modifications: DONI®Pressvat OH with open front for easy manual filling of the moulds.
DONI®Pressvat CH with a fully closed construction designed for CIP cleaning. This model can be built in automated production lines.
The maximum height of the curd block: 300 mm

The module is designed for preliminary pressing of curd immersed in whey in the manufacturing of cheese with dense structure. The maximum pressure that can be achieved is 60 g/cm² and it is determined by the cheese type. The curd whey mixture is fed through the pipes of the spray balls. During operation the spray balls are uninstalled. A draining belt is installed at the bottom and after pressing the whey drains through here. At the end of the process the curd is transported out. A pneumatic guillotine for cross cutting and knives for lengthwise cutting are installed at the front. The cycles of pressing and removing of the curd and CIP washing are fully automated.
Теchnical specifications:

Volume /l/ 5 000÷8 000 8 000÷15 000
supply /kW/
10 12
Air consumption
6 atm /l/min/
600 600
Consumption during CIP-cleaning /l/h/ 15 000 25 000

Layer size after pressing:

Volume /l/ 5000 6000 8000
Width /mm/ 1150 1150 1400
Length /mm/ 3900 4600 5060


Volume /l/ 10000 12000 15000
Width /mm/ 1400 1600 1850
Length /mm/ 6210 6670 7130

These dimensions are for a layer with a height of 125 to 130 mm. If a client requires a layer with different height then the length needs to be changed.
The volume of DONI®Pressvat usually corresponds to the cheese vat volume. A change in the curd block height can be achieved when a cheese vat with non corresponding volume is used.

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