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Horizontal milk cooling tank | DONI®Cool H

Volume: 3000 l; 4000 l; 5000l; 6000l; 8000l; 10000l.

We transform the milk. Our goal is to create a range of perfect dairy products for you to enjoy everyday and everywhere around the world. We create new technologies to enrich your table. High equipment quality and correct attitude to our customers...

The horizontal cooling tanks are designed for indoor installation. They are connected to the farm's milking installation. The relevant milk quantity is filled depending on the model.
DONI®Cool V 2M – can be filled twice and DONI®Cool V 4M can be filled 4 times. The module operates in automatic mode. When the temperature reaches 4°С the refrigerator installation automatically switches off and the module goes into waiting mode. The next batch is added only when the previous one has been cooled. The cooled milk is transported with a pump. The tanks are equipped with laser welded or electro spot welded jackets at the lower part of the cylindrical body, where the cooling agent circulates.
DONI®Cool H is supplied with:
- adjustable support;
- low velocity agitator;
- manhole;
- control panel;
- refrigerator /a brand preferred by the client/.
The module is cleaned automatically with a built in cleaning system.

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