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Module for heat treatment to 115°С | DONI®Therm

The production output from 3 000 l/h to 30 000 l/h

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DONI®Therm is an automated module for heat treatment and it comes together with a plate heat exchanger. It is designed for the pasteurization and cooling of milk to the desired processing temperatures. DONI®Therm has five operating programs:
- unit sterilization regime
- standby regime
- pasteurization
- intermediate CIP cleaning
- pasteurization
- final CIP cleaning
When used correctly and with good quality milk DONI®Therm can work continuously for 10 hours to the intermediate CIP cleaning cycle and then 4 more hours following this. DONI®Therm covers all temperature cycles for the heat treatment of milk:
- thermization at 65°С and cooling at 4°С for storage;
- pasteurization at 72° to 76° C and cooling to 32° to 34° C for production of cheese
- pasteurization at 95° to 96° C and cooling to 22° to 45° C for production of yoghurt
- pasteurization at 85° to 95° C and cooling to 4° C for drinking milk
- outlet for separation and clarification at 45° to 65° C
- outlet for homogenization at 65° C
- outlet for de-aeration at 68° C
DONI®Therm is designed with a high regeneration level that can reach up to 94 % in some temperature cycles. DONI®Therm is designed with safety systems that guarantee the pasteurization cycle and the outlet temperature.

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