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Module for sterilization | DONI®Therm UHT

The production output from1 000 l/h to 6000 l/h
Level of regeneration 55%
Inlet 5°С
Homogenization 75°С
Sterilization 138 to 140°С with 4s hold
Outlet 20 to 25°С

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DONI®Therm UHT is an automated module for ultra high temperature treatment of milk. It comes with a tube heat exchangers, a homogenizer and a de-aerator. It is designed for the sterilization and cooling of milk to the desired manufacturing/processing temperatures. DONI®Therm UHT has four operating programs:
- unit sterilization cycle;
- milk starting cycle;
- sterilization;
- final CIP cleaning or local cleaning;
DONI®Therm UHT operates in the following cycle:
- inlet 5°С;
- homogenization 75°С;
- sterilization 138 to 140°С with 4s hold;
- outlet 20 to 25°С;
DONI®Therm UHT includes safety systems that guarantee the pasteurization cycle and the outlet temperature.

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