Static dryers EAC 240L ITALPAST

Static dryers EAC 240L ITALPAST

Trolleys 8 pcs
Sticks 288
Fans qty 6
Installed power E 41 - B 41 kW
Thermical capacity 40000 kCal
Dimension w x d x h 4150 х 2550 х 2890 mm
All models can be equipped with sequential programmer (PLC) for accurate and precise control of the drying cycle, thus enabling use of the ideal programs/settings already stored, which you can customize. 

Also, a panel-fitted printer can be supplied to record cycle execution.
The drying chambers are made up of dismountable panelling in zinc, pre-lacquered sheet/panel, protected by high-density cofferdam insulation in polyurethane, thickness mms. 60, ensuring correct running up to a maximum temperature of 70°C.

Experience and technology enabled to optimize the drying process thus ensuring the best possible results by any shapes of long pasta and short pasta

For short and long pasta

  • EAC mod.EL: electric heating
  • EAC mod.BL: hot water heating


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