Milling plants Alapala turn-key

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Milling plants Alapala turn-key

Uni-Tech with Alapala can realize the whole process including project design, superstructure construction, machinery production, assembly and commissioning for its valuable customers.

Exporting 95% of its production, Alapala, is one of the 2 leading companies in the sector in the world with hundreds of references from over 100 countries. It provides the most efficient facilities at the most affordable prices to its customers.


Exceeding expectations without compromise from quality by creating different designs with the best solution in line with our business policy and taking our place among the leading companies in our sector.


  • Architectural, static, electrical and mechanic project design and engineering
  • Architectural visualization
  • Sustainable ecologic environment friendly design (Leed Certification)
  • Economic, optimum field layout solutions and planning in accordance with the process
  • Turnkey-basis steel constructions Industrial buildings High buildings Steel production structures Workshops Houses
  • General conditions of agreement Technical specifications Length in meters and cost estimate Drawings


Micro dosing allows to store all ingredients in bulk and it will automatically add the required amount of ingredients needed in the mix.

Micro Dosing | YMDA

Micro dosing ingredients such as drugs, vitamins and trace minerals with ease and pin point accuracy.

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Generally for very young poultry, small pellets should be reduced smaller parts as called crumbs 5 or 6 mm. diameter pellets reduced by means of two or four crumbling rolls, also that provide a nutritionally balanced diet. Also the crumblers are used commonly in cattle feed and sheep feed industry today.

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