Flour feeding device AL 450 ITALPAST

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Flour feeding device AL 450 ITALPAST

ALB 450 Batch
ALC 450 Continuous
Hopper volume 150-200 kg
Dimensions l x w x h 1070 x 900 x 1150 h
Installed power 2 kW

In the territory of Parma, headquarters of the European authority for the alimentary safety and core of the Italian Food Valley, our company engineers and manufactures machines and plants for the production of all types of alimentary pasta, from...

AUTOMATIC FLOUR FEEDING composed of the following:

  • loading hopper in stainless steel by various capacities ranging from 250 up to 500 lts
  • spiral conveyor in stainless steel with flexible pipe in alimentary rilsan up to more than 6 mts.
  • discharge conveyor complete with upper shutter for inspection and beater by eccentric masses electro-vibrator
  • volumetric dosage to the mixing basin programmable thanks to timer or coupled with loading levels.
  • With conveyor support fitted on the mixer; 


  • special dimensions with various capacities 
  • prearrangement for minimum and maximum levels.


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