Flour feeding device ALM 500 ITALPAST

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Flour feeding device ALM 500 ITALPAST

ALM 500 Batch
Hopper volume 350-450 kg
Dimensions l x w x h 1200 x 1200 x 1150 h
Installed power 3 kW

AUTOMATIC FLOUR FEEDING composed of the following:

  • loading hopper in stainless steel by various capacities ranging from 500 lts
  • spiral conveyor in stainless steel with flexible pipe in alimentary rilsan up to more than 6 mts.
  • discharge conveyor complete with upper shutter for inspection and beater by eccentric masses electro-vibrator
  • volumetric dosage to the mixing basin programmable thanks to timer or coupled with loading levels.
  • with mixing device for different type of the flour mixing before feeding to extruder.


  • special dimensions with various capacities 
  • prearrangement for minimum and maximum levels.
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