Weighing chain and skin classification BLASAU

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Weighing chain and skin classification BLASAU

Capacity 450 skin per hour
Power 1,5 kW

System to weighing skins, classify them according to their weight and depending on the weight, place them on the corresponding rail (the number of rails will vary according to the facility)

  • Closed 200 mm hinge chain circuit.
  • Square tube open rails 65x65x4 mm.
  • Double rail.
  • Electrical control panel.
  • Buttons to control the different mechanisms, with stop and start switches and an emergency stop button.

Pneumatic inserter at the beginning to automatically enter the hooks one by one onto the lowering machine.

  • 150 kg weighing area to weigh the skins.
  • It has a number of different exit points which vary depending on the facility, in order to classify the skins by weight.
  • With stopper pins at the exit routes, powered by pneumatic pistons.
  • At the end of each exit route there are limit switches to detect when the skm has joined the corresponding path.
  • Touch screen on the control panel.
  • It is possible to vary the range of classification weights for the different skins.

Made of galvanised steel.

The process is completely automatic.

The hooks go in the chain one by one via the pneumatic inserter. When the skins go on the scale, the chain stops to measure the weight. Depending on the weight of each skin, the different exit routes will open to allow the hook to go down the route that matches the skin's classification. The details of the classification route/weight should be entered previously in the machine:

  • Total number of skins in each category.
  • Total weight of skins in each category.
  • Average weight of skins in each category.
  • Weight of each skin.
  • Total weight for all the categories.
  • It is possible to manually enter the supplier before weighing the skins, to obtain all the details for that supplier.

The machine can connect to a computer in your office to list all the information at the end of the day, or it can be connected to a printer in the weighing area to print out the data in situ.


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