Pen fences BLASAU

Pen fences BLASAU

Height of pens 1200-1500 mm

Used to close the animal pens in the slaughterhouse.

Made of:

  • Structural columns that are bolted to the floor, spaced 2000 mm apart from each other.
  • Space between the fences to screw or bolt between the columns. Can be made of either metal sheets or bars. Made up of different units, allowing a unit to be easily replaced if necessary. The pens are very versatile, as spaces can be made larger or smaller by adding or removing different units.
  • The exact measurements and shape of the pen will depend on the type of animal being held.
  • For pigs, fences are made of metal sheets.
  • For sheep, metal sheets are used for smaller animals, while vertical bars are used for larger animals.
  • For calves, horizontal bars are used.
  • For fences used to create pens for several different animals (pigs, sheep and cows), vertical bars or metal sheets are used up to a certain height, then horizontal bars are used up to 1500 mm high.

The bars are made of galvanised steel or AISI-304 stainless steel. 

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