Halal type restrainer BLASAU

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Halal type restrainer BLASAU

Installed power 2,2 kW

In order to transport and restrain the animal as it moves from the entrance to the stunning area, for Halal slaughter.

Made up ot:

  • 2 metal strips to support the animals, placed vertically and operated using 2 1.1 KW gear motors.
  • Fixed position width regulator for the passageway, adjusted with pins.
  • Lower gutter to collect the blood.
  • There is no gutter for the final 500mm, with a system to wash the metal strips
  • Control panel for the gears that controls any variations in speed.

Made of stainless steel AISI304

Descripton of work with HALAL method

The animals enter the restrainer, their throats are cut. the blood is collected in the lower gutter as they move forward, and the carcasses are hung up once they are released from the restrainer.


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