Pneumatic restrainer for sheep BLASAU

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Pneumatic restrainer for sheep BLASAU

Installed power 3,0 kW

In order to transport and restrain the animal as it moves from the entrance to the stunning area. Made up of:

  • 2 PVC bands to support the animals, placed vertically and operated using 2 1.5 KW gear motors.
  • The width of the bands can be adjusted to fit the size of the animal.
  • Lower passageway.
  • Control panel for the gears that controls any variations in speed.

Made of galvanised steel.

  • Width adjustment operated with pneumatic pistons:
  • Direction V operated manual
  • Adjust the height of the lower passageway FIXED
  • Stop and start button, and individual buttons for each one of the movements that adjust the belts and lower passageway by pneumatic psiton
  • Made of stainless steel AISI304


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