Sheep skinning rotating arm BLASAU

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Sheep skinning rotating arm BLASAU

Capacity 180-240 sheep per hour

Machine designed to skin sheep easily, made up of:

  • A vertical rail with a cart that is powered by a hydraulic piston, 1350 mm long.
  • A fixed clip attached to the cart, which opens and closes automatically to grab and roll the animal skin.
  • Rotating hydraulic motor to turn the clip.
  • Powered by a hydraulic unit with a supporting frame, solenoid valves and connecting hoses between the hydraulic unit and the hydraulic pistons.
  • Electrical control panel.

Made of AISI-304 stainless steel.

The arm movements are adjustable, and the following can be modified:

  • Raising speed
  • Lowering speed
  • Rolling speed
  • Unrolling speed


To start with, the arm is on the upper part of the machine. The animal arrives with the skin slightly removed. The operator places the skin in the open clip. When the start button is pressed the clip closes, turns and moves down, rolling up the skin around the arm. When the arm reaches the bottom, the skin is completely removed and rolled around the arm. Next, the arm raises up and unrolls the skin until it reaches the upper position.


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