Electrical stimulation for hide removal BLASAU

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Electrical stimulation for hide removal BLASAU

Installed within the hide-puller and used to keep the carcass tense during the hide-pulling process, to prevent any of the vertebrae being fractured.

Made up of:

  • An electrical stimulator that applies a controlled electrical current (low voltage).
  • Swinging arm. powered by a pneumatic piston, that moves the electrodes closer to the animal.
  • Limit switch to automatically activate the swinging arm.
  • Control panel.

Made of stainless steel.


  • When the hide-pulling roller lowers, it pulls and rolls the animal skin, and once it reaches the limit switch the swinging arm is automatically activated.
  • The arm places itself on the lower back of the animal, which means the electrodes are automatically electrified, and this is transferred to the carcass.
  • The animal is electrified, which means that the vertebrae do not break when the skin is pulled.
  • When the hide-puller roller reaches the end, the electrodes automatically stop receiving electricity and return to their initial position.


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