Hide-puller load relief BLASAU

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Hide-puller load relief BLASAU

Used to hold up the animal and relieve the aerial structure of some of the weight during the hide-pulling process.

Made up of:

  • Support structure.
  • 1 hooks to grip between the legs of the animal, powered by pneumatic pistons and a pneumatic solenoid valve.
  • Head that moves between the nylon guiding rails, which works with a pneumatic piston and a pneumatic solenoid valve.
  • Electrical control panel.

Made of stainless steel with a galvanised steel supporting structure.


When the button on the control panel is pressed, the hooks move and attach themselves to the animal's legs. At the same time, the head moves forwards and backwards. Once the hide has been pulled the button should be pressed again, which will move the head back and release the animal's legs.


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