Ritual killing box for cattle

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Ritual killing box for cattle

Capacity HALAL 60 cattle per hour
Capacity standard 70 cattle per hour

Ritual killing box for cattle

Used lo keep cattle still while they are slaughtered in accordance with halal ritual practices. Can also be used for the traditional sticking method of slaughter.

Technical details:

  • The animal arrives through a guillotine door at the back, which works using a pneumatic piston.
  • The inner pusher works using a hydraulic piston, and has 2 movements: it moves down onto the back of the animal and pushes it forwards, adapting to the length of the animal and ensuring the head is inserted through the bleed hole. There is an opening in the ceiling to stick the animal, if using the traditional sticking slaughter method.
  • The box can rotate by 180 degrees, powered by a hydraulic motor, which turns the animal face up.
  • Restraining brace for the animal's head, powered by a hydraulic piston, which locks the head in place and keeps it away from the neck, allowing the throat to be easily slit.
  • Hinged side door, powered by a hydraulic piston, which expels the animal.
  • The floor can be tilted, powered by a hydraulic piston, at the same time the expulsion door opens, which helps the carcass fall.
  • Control panel with manual switches that can operate all the machine movements.

Made of hot-dip galvanised steel. Protective equipment, other small elements and screws made of stainless steel.


  • Adjustable machine
  • The machine can be mounted on a rotating plate, in order to better position the animal for slaughter.
  • The rotating plate works with hydraulic pistons.
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