Swinging flex doors INCOLD

Swinging flex doors INCOLD


INCOLD S.p.A. was founded in 1996 as a separate company and member of the Arneg group, devoted to the production of cold rooms. A specialized technical team and the knowledge of the market acquired in the sphere of the group at the world level have...

The flap flexible doors in PVC, available in a double-door version, consist primarily of a sturdy structure in galvanised steel (painted or optional stainless steel) that sustains a flexible skirt of transparent PVC, suitable for use with positive temperatures or, upon request, with low temperatures, conveniently reinforced in high-stress points and complete with a torsion-spring reclosing mechanism.

They are available in 3 different versions:

  1. Manual (as described above), operates with a simple push
  2. Pneumatic touch, complete with actuation device consisting of two-way pneumatic pistons that allow the doors to open with a light push, in both directions, with a spring catch.
  3. Electro-pneumatic, complete with actuation device consisting of one-way pneumatic pistons that allow the doors to open, in a single direction, following the activation of a remote control such as a photocell, radar, metal detector, button or pull-cord, with a torsion-spring reclosing system.
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