Pasteurizers for fresh pasta running by saturated or overheated steam SC ITALPAST

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Pasteurizers for fresh pasta running by saturated or overheated steam SC ITALPAST

Capacity Depends of product
Width of conveyor belt 540-1500 mm
Length of pasteurizing surface 2-12 meters

In the territory of Parma, headquarters of the European authority for the alimentary safety and core of the Italian Food Valley, our company engineers and manufactures machines and plants for the production of all types of alimentary pasta, from...

Treatment is effected by means of "microperforated plates" device ensuring maximum penetration of heat and treatment homogeneity. High performance and energy-saving are ensured by innovative design and excellent insulation

Entirely made in stainless steel, fully dismountable for easy internal cleaning to ensure absolute hygiene. The 6-cm. thick, stainless steel panelling is thermally insulated, ensuring maximum thermal insulation to avoid heating up of the working environment, energy saving and total safety for the operators. 

The pasteurization treatment is obtained by means of the revolutionary system of “MICROPERFORATED PLATES” located above the pasteurizer that uniformly envelop the product in a jet of steam, ensuring maximum heat penetration and omogeneity of treatment.
This pasta machine can operate either with saturated or overheated steam. 

  • The saturated steam supplied by an external generator performs traditional pasteurization and constant treatment temperature ensures even pasteurization without condensations.
  • Operating by overheated steam, this machine is the ideal choice for a modern company, sensitive to those hygienical and safety regulations, which make the difference today. Pasteurization is effected by an air/steam mixture overhated up to over 300°C while temperature inside the pasteurization chamber reaches over 100°C. This new technology enables to reach 80-90°C at core of the product in a very short time while keeping its organoleptic qualities unchanged.
  • Thus the product remains stable and dry. Output depends on length of the pasteurization chamber, type of steam used and type of product to be treated: size, thickness, total umidity.

Available customizations:

  • Belt in special polyester net suitable for high temperatures, used to avoid leaving those marks on the product surface which remain when using stainless steel net.

Technical data and machine measures supplied upon request depending on model and dimensions.

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