Map and skin-pack tray sealer VALKO LINEA 350

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Map and skin-pack tray sealer VALKO LINEA 350

Width (mm) 1930
Depth (mm) 810
Height (mm) 1660
Max. impression (mm) 280x210
Max. impression with profile cut (mm) 280x210
Max. height of the tray (mm) 90
Max. width roll (mm) 350
Max. ø roll (mm) 220
Vacuum pump (m³/h) 60
Voltage 230V 3~ - 400V 3N~
Power (KW) 3,2
Weight (kg) 400

VALKO, leader for more than 25 years in the professional vacuum packaging and vacuum cooking equipment Made in Italy, offers a wide range of vacuum sealers and a technologically advanced range of Sous Vide cooking appliances. We also supply reliable...

Automatic thermo tray sealer with mold. Vacuum chamber. Single, double or triple impression mold. Operator touch-screen panel. Film roll 520mm x 220 mm. 60 m³/h vacuum pump.

Further Accessories
More powerful 100 m³/h pump
Skin-Pack option
Automatic tray denester
Automatic output queuing system
Extendable roller conveyor in stainless steel on wheels (extendable up to 3.5 meters)
Output conveyor belt
Double gas inlet
Optional to work with 2 different gas mixtures
Integrated remote maintenance module
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