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Carrousel Packing Machine | CTMA

Quality High
Efficiency High
Extraction High
Capacity High
Life Long
Precision High
Hygiene Maximum
Security Maximum
Using Maximum simplified
Periodical maintenance Low
Delay to change the spares parts Low
Energy consuption Low
Noiseless Yes
Design Perfection and aesthetic

It is used to bag the granular and processed products in 10 kg, 25 kg, and 50 kg PP bags at high capacities.

Working Principle

The weighing process is made by one or two weighing units, which are isntalled on weighing machine. The machine would have 4 (four) or 6 (six) spouts per capacity. During weighing process, the weighing unit holds the sack and waits till a warning comes from “hold switch” and do not open the covers. When a warning arrives the product is allowed to run and filling process is carried out. When the spout platform turns the new free spout arrives at weighing station while the filled bags arriving shaking station for proper handling, meanwhile the operator places an empty sack on the free spout and the filled sack is sewn consequently on the sewing band conveyor. The speed of machine is regulated in accordance with product and the length of sack.

Options Description
Application fields Food industry
Flour and semolina mills
Feed mills
Dry fruit plants
Other food industry
Chemical industry
Painting made plants
Plastic made plants
Deterging made plants
Wooden industry
Nonferrous product industry
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