Cyclone | KTSA

Cyclone | KTSA

Quality High
Efficiency High
Extraction High
Capacity High
Life Long
Hygiene Maximum
Security Maximum
Using Maximum simplified
Periodical maintenance Low
Delay to change the spares parts Low
Energy consumption Low
Design Perfection and aesthetic

It is used to centrifugally separate dust-air mixture.

Working Principle

The dust-mixed conveying gas is started turning by transferring it into a separator by means of a spiral construction. Gas is forced in to rotate in the cyclone. Due to the centrifugal forces, dust parcisles are carried to the surroundings. Pushing the gas to inward from the backward crastes a vortex. The air is separated from the dust particle, which are forced downwards along a spiral way because of friction of the air against the wall.

Options Description
Application fields Food industry
Flour and semolina mills
Feed mills
Biscuit and macaroni factories
Dry fruit plants
Barley plants
Tea plants
Tobacco plants
Other food industry
Chemical industry
Painting made plants
Plastic made plants
Deterging made plants
Wooden industry
Nonferrous product industry
Stone and soil industry
Cement industry
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