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Module for continuous draining and cheddaring | DONI®Cheddarmatic

Productivity: DONI®Cheddarmatic 0.5 - 500 kg/h during a continuous process; DONI®Cheddarmatic 1.0 - 1 000 kg/h during a continuous process
Power supply: DONI®Cheddarmatic 0.5 - 4 kW; DONI®Cheddarmatic 1.0 - 7 kW
Steam consumption: DONI®Cheddarmatic 0.5 - 150 kg/h; DONI®Cheddarmatic 1.0 - 250 kg/h
Air consumption /6 atm/: DONI®Cheddarmatic 0.5 - 250 l/min; DONI®Cheddarmatic 1.0 - 250 l/min

The module is designed for the draining of whey and the cheddaring of the curd in a controlled environment. DONI®Cheddarmatic is a fully closed system with three draining lines. The curd-whey mixture is fed through a distributor on to the first draining line which has the highest position. Its special constriction allows for 85% of the whey to be drained. The product moves in thin layers at high speed. The product is transferred on to a second line with a slower speed where the operation (motion) continues and the thickness of the layer is 80 to 100 mm. At the beginning of the line there is a scarifier for final draining. After turning and falling on to the third line the finished product leaves the module. At the outlet a pneumatic guillotine cuts it into blocks which are then transported to DONI®Plastformer or to DONI®Stretchformer for processing.
The cheddaring time is regulated at a range of 40 to 60 min. The temperature in the inner space is automatically maintained at 40°С. The module is delivered ready for operation with: Servicing man holes with internal lighting, level sensors; spray balls connected with a collector; a temperature sensor installed in one of the cutting-stirring tools; level sensors; control panel; scarifier and pneumatic guillotine situated at the outlet.

DONI®Cheddarmatic is designed for CIP cleaning.

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